Are you an owner of a site, information resource, or blog? Or you wish to distribute information about our services among your friends?
Then this information is for you.

If you collaborated with any of the brokers, you probably know what's behind their promises of a high income with the client, most of the brokers are paying 0.5-1 pips from each deal of attracted client and they have a bunch of rosy words and alleged "prospects". And in fact, most often it turns out that the client you brought, lose the entire capital in just few trades, usually 10-15 trades enough for the novice, which is not having concepts about money management, "was retired from the market". How much will you get? On average 10 pips. In the money, if you refer a client with $1000 to the broker, you will get no more than $ 70-80. And even a fee will not be significantly more if you attract people with the amounts of 5 and 10 thousand dollars. The client can lose the entire deposit in one single trade following the principle of a "casino". Moreover, a novice will be back not soon if he lost his own capital once or twice.

We are ready to make an offer about earnings on permanent basis and high referral payments in an industry.We pay up to 65% of the cost of the subscription. Our system of analysis is unique, it has open statistics – we do not sell a pig in a poke and always offer to try the product for free, before buying.

Moreover, you can get income from this client for a year and years in advance by attracting a customer once.

How much can you earn?

Suppose you are a novice webmaster and had attracted 50 people who subscribe to a monthly plan. On theaverage, a subscription for a month costs about 100 dollars, a half of which is yours (if you have 25 active subscriptions per a calendar month).

In the first month you will earn immediately $ 2500 of profits. It is good in comparison to brokers, isn't it? But in the following months you will continue to attract customers and your income will only grow, as the first subscribers to renew their subscription because the system really generates profit and this is evident from the statistics.

Thus on average our stats show that having a themed site with 1000 visits a day, you'll be able to draw 2-5 subscribers on a regular basis per DAY and to get half of the payment from each subscriber. For example, if the subscriber wishes to save and sign up immediately for a 3 month plan, you get about 130 dollars for his subscription, and if such subscribers will be 5 people, then your income will be about 750$ in ONE day!

Your average income per month can range(make)from $5000 and above.

Why do we pay so much? Where's the catch? Because your competitors either do not offer an affiliate program, or their contributions are negligible.

Everything is very simple! Just our advertising costs are approximately one-half of our income, and we can share that money with webmasters.

Promotional materials, banners and referral link is available immediately after registration!

Once the account has accumulated the minimum withdrawal amount of $100 and you will have at least 3 active subscribers (to protect from people are attracted to themselves), you will be able to withdraw earned money at any moment, one of two ways – Paypal, Webmoney!

The table of rewards is below

Name planNumber of subscriptionsPercent
GOLD 1540