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span class="big">The ideal mechanism for coordinated work. -Several types of different systems for your choice.
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Take to the forex trading to new heights! -We offer MT4 Bridge to copy signals to the Metatrader 4 for free!
-Automatic implementation of orders.
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-The ability of use the slow martingale to maximize profits*
(Carries increased risk, be used with caution)
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Доверительное управление

The question about providing guarantees of profit is cared every trader, who trades in the Forex market.

We would like to note that profits in the past are not guarantees of profits in the future, and it is written in every wed-site, which engages of trading in the Forex market, and we are no exception.

Our specialists have developed a unique system of accurately predicting short term currency fluctuations on the basis of quantitative analysis of psychological struggle. Indeed, analogues of our system does not exist. The main advantage of our system is the fact that it is based on the principle of redistribution of money on the stock market: large part loses out, smaller part wins. Therefore, this system does not need optimization, this rule will be in place until there are financial markets. If all people earned in the markets, the markets would not exist.

We would also like to note, that it is not enough just to create a simple profitable system; it is necessary to make it adapted to current market realities, which are constantly changing. This is the most common mistake: the creation of a system that is profitable only in limited intervals of the time and for certain currency pairs. Our experts have gone the other way, they created a "living organism", which self-adapts to new market trends. Even if we cannot guarantee a stable income(stability only in the Bank at 1-2% per annum), it's safe to say that the general trend in our strategy is positive. Weeks with a negative income are sometimes, of course, as in any system. However, the potential profit is always cover losses. In this way ,we guarantee income for the trader.

Bring your attention, that we have a subscription to the "guaranteed" pips based on the spreads, which will operate until the system is working the right number of pips for you.

In any case, we recommend to comply with the principle of money-management to safely survive the possible series of losing trades, which will be covered by a series of profitable trades. Our experts do not recommend to have a total position in the market more than 4-12% to achieve guaranteed positive results.

Trade wisely- live better!