–Can I start several accounts on your system?

–No, it is forbidden. Each user can have only one account.
If our system detects it, your account will be blocked.

–How can I subscribe to a strategy?

-It's very simple, create an account and clickthe subscribe button, pay for the desired time and use. The current open transactions will become available at once after activation of a subscription

–What is the strategy?

–The strategy is a set of algorithms for one pair or several pairs.

–Can I subscribe to several strategies at once, as well as to subscribe to binary options?

–Of course, you can subscribe to many strategies, as far as you think necessary.
For example, many of our customers subscribe to one of the Turtle systems, binary options and one of the Classic systems of Forex.

-Can I share your signals with a friend?

–No. In case, if it is detected, the account will be blocked, money will not be refunded. The subsequent accounts will also be blocked.

-If the subscription has finished, and there were open trades, how do I know when they close?

-You will not be able to see only the newly opened trades. Trades that were open when the subscription was in effect, you will be able to see in "closed" as soon as they are closed. In the case of copying trades in MT4 they will be closed either by take a profit or by an original stop loss. Therefore we recommend to ensure that your subscription has enough time.

–Do you give guarantees?

–All our system is provided to "as is". The company Autofxsignal and the parent company GeniusBit LP assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused to your trading account. Like any system, this system can also have periods of "sagging", so you should strictly follow the rules of the capital management. The profits in the past are not a guarantee a profit in the future. If you want stability and reliability, we suggest put your money in the bank at 3-5% per annum.

–How can one earn in the Forex? And at all with help of your site?

-We recommend to read the article "Forex for beginners", to study special literature about Forex trading for beginners, as well as open a demo account with any broker platform MT4. You can also try for free our signals on a demo account lot 0.01 within 2 trading days. For it simply open account on Autofxsignal.com, download free МТ4 bridge and set it by an instruction. The trades must start to be copied immediately after proper setup.

–What is "slow martingale"?

-It is an option of Free Plus and Paid versions of MT4 Bridge, which will help "pull" the account at drawdowns by increasing trading volume. We will consider it on the example
Day 1. A balance in account was 5000, as a result of trades balance became 5100. The system does nothing, as the lot was a standard (1% of funds - 0.05 of a lot size per trade), so be it. If the balance after the first day was 4900, a standard lot will be multiplied by the amount Lot_multipler and in this case it will be 0.05*1.15=0.06 of a lot size, and it will be multiplied until the amount on the balance does not exceed the initial level at 5000. Lot_multipler is not recommended to put more than 1.15, as the risks of losing the entire amount in the account increase proportional, that we and you would not like. However, considering all pros and cons, and taking into account the fact that all of our trades have a positive expectation, we decided to offer this possibility to the traders, since the probability of several series of losing trades in a row is very low. By default this option is disabled, to enable this, you need to set use_mm=true in the settings of the adviser. The coefficient must be not more than 1.15

–Can I buy several subscriptions simultaneously for different strategies?

–Yes, you can. Moreover, you can extend any strategy on the time that you deem necessary. Just select the desired amount of time and pay a subscription. This time will be added to the remaining time of the subscription. To avoid confusion, always watch how much time is left for subscription and pay in a timely manner.

–How can I advertise your resource?

-By any lawful means eliminating any types of annoying advertisements and spam.
If we can prove that you sent spam, your account will be blocked.

–Why do you need my telephone number?

-To avoid multiple registrations and to send trade signals for you if you activate this option. We do not send out any spam and advertising.

-Do you provide a subscription in a credit?

–No, we do not provide. However we provide absolutely free a possibility to try any subscription.

–Where can I see attracted customers and advertising materials?

-Inside your account, just sign up and log in.

-Where can I read in detail about your method of market analysis?

-You can find the method description in the "About Us" section. Basically we apply creative solutions to predict the dynamics of currency movements.

forex signals

–If I bring one my friend as a referral, will I get commission?

-You don't get for one person, these should be at least three persons, and they all must have an active subscription. This is designed to prevent fraud by people who attract themselves. If you are an honest partner and you are going to attract people, you have nothing to fear.

–When will I be able to get partner rewards?

-As soon as you accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal and "hold" period of 30 days will be passed. The hold period is needed in order to calculate the level of your contributions. If after 30 days you have over 75 active subscriptions, you will get 65% of the contributions from their subscriptions. You can get it at any time, and after the first hold period in 30 days, you can withdraw money as soon as to accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal as the system will know by which tariff plan to calculate a reward for you.
If you need money ahead of time, write an email to support and we'll help you and solve this issue. We understand that a time is money.

–Are you trading by your forecasts?

-Of course, moreover, we want to show the community of traders and to dispel the myth that profitable systems do not exist. They are and they work.

–Will you change your subscription prices?

–Yes, we will. And we can do it without a preliminary notice. However, this will not affect the number of days already paid for the subscription.

-What can you give advice on money management?

-Very simple: at the same time should not be more than 5% of the capital in the market. Should always be protective stops and profit. Overall, not bad, if, for example, in any of the turtle strategies, with the deposit of 10000 USD you will have simultaneously 0.05х9=0.45 of a lot size in the market. However, these figures only approximate, you can calculate exact numbers independently or consult specialists.

–What brokers do you recommend?

-Reliable) we do not advertise brokers, unlike other resources. We engage in market analysis. We suggest that you choose a reliable company from the top ten.

–Does your trade correspond to the FIFO rules?

-Yes, completely. We do not use hedging. Moreover, we believe that to use the hedging in a trade is a method of an unfair competition, since it is the veiled stop losses. Therefore our American customers can use our services absolutely quietly.

-What is the main difference between the paid version MT4 Bridge and Free Plus?

-Paid version can be used on any brokers, Free Plus only 1 of 6 and only on account that was opened through our site. The paid version also has priority technical support.

–Do you have a development plan?

–Yes, there is it, in the future we will expand a service to cross-currencies and gold. We will also add pamm services. In any case, the management of the parent company GeniusBit LP deals with the decision of such questions. We recommend you to communicate by such issues directly with the leadership of the company at the address ceo@geniusbit.net

–Where to read recommendations for MT4 Bridge settings?

-On the page Mt4 Bridge, there is a description of the variables in the screenshots.

-Do you have free signals to convince me of the necessity of subscription?

–Of course! The free (paid) forecast as a graph, the direction of movement with stop and take profit are published daily on our website. This forecast is valid for one day. The trade should be closed either by profit/loss or by over time.

–Do you give free subscriptions?

-Yes, we can provide a free subscription to our most active promoters. Can you describe the support service, as you are promoting us and what we benefit from it (perhaps discussions on the forums and topical resources), and so on, do you leave reviews and more. In such a case we also can meet your needs too.

-What if I attracted the man, and he does not appear in the list?

-Write to the support and specify the user's e-mail and we'll add this user to you.