forex trading

AutoFxSignal is a unique information-analytical service for traders of Forex market. This site is designed for both the experienced traders and beginners market participants.

A daily and hourly analysis of the market is held on unique algorithms that were developed more than 15 years, and are now available to the general public for subscription on system generated signals.

These unique algorithms for analysis based on information analysis of news blocks and news feeds.

Unlike the absolute majority of robotic systems – we take into account in predictions of emotional-informational background of the news blocks, and high accuracy of predictions is achieved through the effective combination of algorithmic-based analysis of patterns, and the informational component of analysis. This system does not have analogues in the world.

Collaborating with our company, you will begin your trade to a completely new level!

Moreover, you can combine our signals about the market direction for the day with any your systems using our MT4 Bridge to automate trading .

Our statistics are completely open, and unlike themost competitors that sell a "pig in a poke" - we have nothing to hide. The results are published in real time, moreover, before purchasing the package, each person is provided absolutely free to try the service for 2 days. It's enough to evaluate and to test all functions of the service.